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Presidents Corner

Dear all,

We are the 501c3 non profit, all volunteer community organization developing the WHEELS Museum on the downtown Albuquerque former Santa Fe steam rail site. This is the 100th year anniversary of our building, and we plan to rehab the building in anticipation of being able to do events, educational programs, tours, and other community activities to benefit our area.

We seek sponsorship to help us put heat and other necessities into the building and we would be very grateful for participation from community members. We would be happy to put up a sign, or literature or other marketing material for interested parties.

I hope for an opportunity to speak to you about sponsoring this important redevelopment project for New Mexico.

We are on the web at www.wheelsmuseum.org. Please call me at the office here at 505-243-6269 or email me at leba4@aol.com. I am the volunteer President of the organization, and am devoting my life to ensuring that rail history and economics be brought to light forever.

Love, Leba

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